A unique collection

Tree on the edge of a cliff

Up high on its rocky perch, a tree diligently watches over its surroundings, surveying the world at its feet. Centuries and innumerable weather cycles have fashioned its distinct form. Lashed by fierce winds and the torrential rains of tempests, each passing season sculpts a true uniqueness.

Never taking heeds of its wild beauty, nor boasting of its infinite wisdom, the tree simply invites us to contemplate the passage of time and admire its intricate forms, ingeniously infused by the everlastingly creative forces of nature.

Tree in the plain

Bathed in the summer sunlight, an infinite plain unfurls beneath my feet. In the distance, I catch a glimpse of an ancient, solitary tree. Guardian of this place, it offers the weary traveller a soothing respite. Humbled, I surrender to its charm, and relish in the crystalline shade of its fine branches and delicate leaves.

“The structure of this tree, with its timeless classicism, is perfect”

Master Kunio Kobayashi

« Ai-Kyou is like a haiku.
Past and future.
Beauty. »

Charles-Edouard Bouée, Bō guardian

Prestigious trees, living works of art.

The vast majority of our trees live outside and thrive in most temperate climates.

Our trees are 80 to 300 years of age.

Every tree is unique,
just like you.

Every pot is tailor-made, as is our assistance.

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