The art of bonsai






Bonsai trees carry a legacy and mirror the greatness and inadequacies of our lives.

They are the repositories of time immemorial.

Japanese masters who have shaped Bō’s trees

His work, underpinned by his design expertise and boundless love of trees, is typified by elegance and gentleness, rivalled only by a deep respect for the age-old rules governing the art of bonsai.

Naoki Maeoka

Bō, the art of bonsai

The atypical path of self-taught master Kunio Kobayashi marks a new and fascinating style in the art of bonsai. He grew up in a nursery, where he became particularly sensitive to nature’s beauty in his childhood.

Kunio Kobayashi


His philosophy of the art of bonsai is founded on two pillars: the artist’s humility and complete mastery of cultivation techniques, with deep respect for traditional aesthetic values.

Keiichi Fujikawa


Delicately poised between respect for established rules and stylistic innovation, his artistic approach draws heavily on that of his own master, Masahiko Kimura.

Taiga Urushibata

Taishoen Bonsai Garden

The bonsai trees come from Japan’s finest nurseries.
Ours is an exclusive and secret collection.

We bring nature’s treasures to light.

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