The shock of the initial contact is indescribable.

“As we worry about the future of our planet and need to change our lifestyles, we can learn a lot about nature’s beauty and fragility from this ancient art form and this tree, which is older than a lot of us”

Charles-Edouard Bouée, Bō guardian

A tree for all eternity

Together we will observe the endless passage of time, contemplate the co-existence of life cycles and of eternity unfolding before us, without ever questioning our commitment to appreciate the beauty and the living art that lies before us.

New, tailor-made services


Remote monitoring system and mobile application tracking the health of the tree

Personalised assistance in how to care for your tree

Bō operations hub

Analysis of tree life parameters, regular contact and advice

Nutrition and health

As needed depending on the season


technical work on roots for the tree’s harmonious development

Maintenance and structural pruning

To increase the tree’s aesthetic value over time

Guardian assistance


Bō sets up the bonsai tree, activates and tests the IoTree system, installs and configures the smartphone application. On-site training is provided in basic steps in the art of bonsai.


Bō provides local assistance throughout the first week and advises you based on the analysis of the tree’s initial statistics


The first month is dedicated to learning basic steps in the art of bonsai. Every week, based on information from the IoTree system, Bō advises you on how to respond to the needs of your tree. After one month, another visit is organised, with further training.


You gradually become self-reliant with help from the monthly report, which
contains advice and seasonal recommendations. A quarterly appointment is scheduled. Bō’s teams can be contacted at any time should the need arise.

A community of guardians

Our collectors are writing a new chapter in the long history of their artistic Bō bonsai. They are responsible for preserving and harnessing a unique legacy. They join an exclusive community of inspired visionaries, driven by the same desire to pass on a legacy to future generations.

Experience eternity

Every guardian is unique.
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