Nature intertwined
with design and luxury

Ancestral art

The ancient history of a unique and allegorical relationship with nature. Bonsai is an art form which transforms trees shaped by nature and great masters into living sculptures.


“Combining the refinement of Japanese traditions with French excellence, we provide an outstanding aesthetic, emotional and cultural experience. Bo is also the coming together of an ancient art form and the 21st century”. 

Jérôme Illat, CEO, Bō.


A bespoke pot is created for every tree. It is enhanced by an intelligent system, based on the IoTree technology developed by Bō for optimal tree care management.

You can access your tree’s critical data in the Bō application.

Assist and transfer

Personalised and continuous assistance.

A caretaker programme provides the level of care needed for the preservation as well as continuity of the masters’ work.

Exclusive tree transfer plan, during or after the guardian’s life.

An unparalleled digital experience

Every tree has its own avatar in a creative and digital environment. Alive and connected, it changes with the seasons and interactions with its guardian.

The avatar enhances this experience in eternity by bringing together a community of enlightened collectors within an evergreen forest accessible around the world.